26th Regiment Royal Artillery History

Was formed as a distinct unit in only relatively modern times. It was not until 1947 that 26th Regiment was formed from 4th Field Artillery Brigade, re-uniting batteries which had served together in various forms and under various titles for many years. 26th Regiment RA is in fact unique in the Gunners for being the only Regiment to have kept its 3 original gun batteries (17, 16 and 159). Other batteries, such as: 13 (Martinique 1809) Bty, 43 (Lloyd's) Bty, 76 (Maude's) Bty, 127 (Dragon) Bty and "M" Bty RHA have all been attached to the regiment at certain times over the years. The histories of each of the individual batteries are therefore worth covering in a little more detail (selecting a Battery emblem on the index (Home) page), but the modern story of the Regiment is no less exciting. Since 1947 either all or large elements of 26th Regiment RA have served in Egypt, Cyprus, Hong Kong, UK, Northern Ireland, Belize, Germany, The Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.
The Regiment is one of five self propelled gun regiments in the British Army and are currently based in Gutersloh, Germany, and equipped with the AS90 Self Propelled Gun. The Regiment is the West Midland Gunners, the vast majority of soldiers within the Regiment are from the West Midlands which gives it a very strong sense of unity.